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Welcome to the Brand New Triangle Z Club Website and Forums!

As of today, the brand new TZC website is officially launched!

That doesn’t mean it’s done. We’re still constantly working on it, especially in these early stages, so it’s very important to let me know about any issues you run into with the site and any suggestions you have, features you’d like to see, or features you’d rather not see. Please send me an email and let me know what you think!

Oh, and we’re getting a new logo, so don’t expect it to stay that boring text up at the top for long.


So What’s New?

Everything. Seriously. The entire system is on a totally new platform, both the regular site and the forums (for my fellow nerds: Joomla to WordPress and phpBB to bbPress 2.0.) The website and forums are now completely integrated seamlessly, meaning that when you’re logged in, you can comment on the news posts, articles, and events, as well as post and reply in the forums all with the same login.

If you’re not a member yet (or still need to renew for 2012,) the membership form is now electronic, so no more filling out that paper form. You can also pay (and renew) via Paypal.

To view upcoming events scheduled for TZC members, head over to the new and improved calendar. It’s yet to be populated (gimme some time, jeez,) but keep an eye on it for future events.

Of course, all of our major events and big news are going to be sent via this email newsletter and also placed on the news section of the website.

I’m also building a photo and video gallery of all our events, so if you have images you’d like placed on the site, please email me at csburdick@gmail.com with the images attached, or if you have too many (and know how to use FTP,) I’ll give you the info to upload them to the server.

There’s also an easier way to contact us now. Just go here. Or, you know, hit the “Reply” button in your email. Either way.


For now please use our facebook group page to post inquires and Z-Car/parts sells!

See how big those letters are!? That’s how important this is!

With the switch over to the new platform, we were unfortunately unable to transfer over all of the forum posts we had on the old website. That just means we can get a fresh start on the new forums!

First, head over to the Register page to get a username, then just jump into the forums and start posting. Like…now.

Do it!

And as always, let me know if you run into any issues.

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